7 Deadly Dating Mistakes You Must Avoid

by Peter on April 5, 2010

dating mistakes to avoidOk guys, I don’t mean to make dating more complicated than it already is. But as you know, women are complicated creatures.

You can never please them. But if you can make yourself standout among the other single guys in the dating pool, you’d stand a better chance of getting a date than the guy next door.

With that said, here are the 7 deadly dating mistakes you must avoid:

1. Being a Cheapskate
There’s nothing more that turn off a girl than being a cheapskate. I don’t mean that you have to buy her expensive gifts or take her to fancy restaurants on the first date, but at least offer to pay for her coffee and pastries on your first date! An act of generosity is one of the best impressions you can leave on a girl.

2. Look and live like a Slob
You are not living in the Stone Age anymore so stop living like a caveman. When you go out, make some efforts to wear clean and neat clothes. And if you do take a girl back to your place, make sure it doesn’t smell and you don’t have dirty clothes littered all over the place. Put some efforts in making her feel comfortable in your home and she sure will want to visit you more often.

3. Flirting and Eyeing other women
Ok, I know your waitress is quite hot looking, but refrain from checking out her legs or any other body parts for that matter. Women notice these kind of behaviors. Your eyes and attention should be focused solely on your date.

4. Neglecting her or not paying enough attention to her at a party or family get-together
This is one of the most frequent mistakes most guys make. They take a girl to a party and just leave her stranded there, while they go and mingle with their buddies.

When you take a girl or a friend for that matter to a party, you must realize that she doesn’t know anyone there. It’s a foreign territory for her. You have to make sure that she feels comfortable and not bored.

5. Talking about your past relationships
It’s one thing to discuss about your past relationship when she asks about it, but it’s another to be talking about your ex a lot. The latter can be really annoying. Look, noone really cares how great a kisser your exgf was. It can be just as bad to bad mouth your ex. Get over it and move on!

6. Constantly emailing her, texting her, or calling her
If you are constantly texting her or calling her or sitting around waiting for her call, she will soon start to feel very suffocated. Noone wants to be with a needy person. So have a life of your own.

7. Constantly brag and show off, especially in front of her friends/family
Don’t embarass her by showing off or bragging about how much money you make, your recent promotion, or how smart you are. It’s annoying and it can be a sign of your insecurity. Act confident, yet humble and respectful.

Alright, nobody is perfect. But if you follow the above advices and avoid those 7 deadly dating mistakes, you’re guaranteed to leave a strong impression on your girl. As a result, you will surely get more dates! Good luck!

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