Seductive Flirting Tips for Guys that Get Women Interested in You!

by Peter on February 14, 2010

flirting tips for guysFlirting is the most fun way to arouse a girl’s interest and to let her know that you are interested. And the key here is to have FUN doing it.

The key to being a good flirt is being spontaneous, fast thinker, humorous, fun loving, but at the same time respectful of her boundaries.

When to Flirt

First, flirt with the girl you like as soon as you have a chance. You always want to get her attention somehow, but make sure to know when to step back otherwise she may get you for harrassment.

Follow these tips to master the art of flirting:

  • Smile at her, talk to her, tease her, make jokes, flatter her. Sometimes, a girl can tease you back or make some witty comments. You must be spontaneous and smooth. It’s a back and forth game. Essentially, you have to be a good talker so polish your communication skills.
  • Show confidence and a little arrogance. That’s right. A little cockiness would stimulate her more. If she mentions that she likes bowling, tell her that you can beat her with one eye closed. Then challenge her to a game of bowling and promise her that you’d treat her to ice cream if she beats you.
  • Humor her – If you can be humorous while flirting with her, you’d have a great chance of capturing her interest. If you can make a girl giggle and laugh, you have already significantly boost your chance of getting a date with her.
  • Make her feel happy when she’s around you. If you can make a girl feel good and happy, she would definitely want to see you and spend time with you again and again. People like to spend time with people that bring them sunshine and positive energy.
  • Make some body contact with her when you have a chance. Touching is an intimate feeling. So as you flirt with a girl, find ways to touch her – maybe pat her on the shoulder, brush your legs against hers, play thumb wrestling with her, give her a good bye hug. These small gestures of touch will work toward building trust and comfort. As you she feels more comfortable with you, you should elevate the level and intensity of touch. Make it seductive and she will go crazy for you!

Want to advance your flirting skills?

The above tips are basic flirting skills that you can develop for dating. If you want to advance your flirting skills and be a professional flirt, here are some great books to teach you the steps:

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