Developing Your Social Interaction Skills is the Key to Love and Career Successes

by Peter on December 22, 2011

social dating skillsDo you want to know what all successful leaders and pickup artists have in common?

It’s social interaction skills! Developing and cultivating social interaction skills is perhaps the most important skills for dating and for your career.

Why Social Interactions Skills Are So Important for Dating

Having good social skills enable you to blend in any social situations, start a conversation with anyone anywhere, solve conflicts and problems effectively and calmly, and many more. You will also be able to read other people’s body language, read their emotions, and make people trust you and like you more.

Having social skills make you more charming and more likeable everywhere you go. In fact, having social skills is the hallmark of a gentleman.

And like any other skills, anyone can develop awesome social interaction skills with practice. So, turn off your laptop, unplug the TV and get out and start practicing. Yes, get out, go out and start interacting with others. Go do volunteer works, go to parties, go to events, go to picnic, take dancing classes, etc.

With enough practice, you’ll feel more comfortable in different social situations and make you more natural. And that’s the key for effective social interaction..just being yourself and feeling perfectly comfortable with who you are and what you add to the conversation.

Guidlines to Developing and Honing Your Social Skills

1. Great social skills begin with developing a sense of awareness

Most people are simply oblivious of the surroundings. By lacking awareness, you can offend others or project a bad image of yourself because of your bad behavior, actions, or words. Developing self awareness is the foundation of social skills.

Start by paying more attention to your feelings, thoughts, surroundings, and being aware of other people’s feelings. Practice good listening skills. Listen more, observe more, and pay attention to other people’s feelings and expressions.

When you become more aware of the expressions or emotions in other people when you interact with them, you can then try to modify your behavior accordlingly to achieve positive results.

2. Be open minded and show respect for other people’s thoughts, beliefs, background

Being judgemental and opinionated is the surest way to draw people’s scorns. You must also never make any judgements or say anything offensive to anyone. Keep in mind that we all grew up differently. Our exposure to different environment, different teachings, and different friends shape our perspectives and philosophies. Each of us is unique in our own ways. So be cognizant of that and always show respect for others.

3. Exude positive energy through your smile and your good attitude

People are naturally drawn to good vibes and good energy. Everytime you go out, make sure you show your positive attitude and flash your beautiful smiles often.

Smiling is a great way to put other people at ease. Pay attention to your body language. Make sure that your arms are open, your head are held high, and your eyes are in contact with other people’s eyes.

3. Master the art of active listening

Listen intently and give the other person your 100% attention when you engage with someone in a conversation. Doing so shows that you care about them and you respect what they have to say. You must also refrain from offering uninvited criticisms or advices. By being a good listener, people will surely think you’re a charmer.

4. Be confident in who you are

A confident person is always calm, cool, and collected. He walks with his head up, speak with authority, and is proud of who he i. Furthermore, he doesn’t need to pretend to be someone else.

He is under control, regardless of the situation. A confident person also does not need to brag about his status, his possessions, or his accomplishments.

5. Watch your manners

Bad manners is inexcuseable. You must have good manners in all situations – during dinner, when you arrive, when you leave, etc. Follow these guidelines:

  • Never talk too loud or talk to much.
  • Don’t make noises when you chew your food.
  • Don’t talk when your mouth is full.
  • Don’t make a scene in public places.
  • Don’t talk on the phone for more than 1 minute  when you’re in the company of another person. 

6. Develop public speaking skills

I know most people fear public speaking more than death. But this is an essential skill! Being eloquent and speaking comfortably in public make people respect and admire you. Learn and develop public speaking skills by joining Toast Master club or by speaking at volunteer events.

Above are the basics that you should master. You can further add to your social skills repertoire by developing a sense of humor, telling good stories and jokes.

Want even more social skills training tips?

Here are some great book/video courses that can help you improve your social skills. Be sure to check them out!

  • Small Talk Secrets – This course teaches you the art of small talk. Small talk is an essential conversion skills that allow you to have more fun, engaging, sexual conversations with women…without having to worry about going blank or what to say next.
  • Social Anxiety Secrets – If you suffer from anxiety and shyness, this course may help you. Developed by a doctor of psychology who specialize in the treatment of social anxiety, this training program has helped many people overcome shyness and developing your own self confidence.
  • Conquer Public Speaking Fears – If you want to improve your public speaking skills and wow your audience with your oratory skills, get this course from the word’s public speaking champion. With his teachings, you will learn to deliver unforgetable presentations and speeches with ease and confidence.
  • The Power of Charisma – This course shows you how to be charming and be a great conversationalists in any social settings. You will learn exactly what to say in any situation and improve your social skills.
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