Essential First Date Tips For Men to Follow to Avoid Embarrassment and Rejection

by Peter on February 15, 2010

First date tips for menNow that you landed a date, that’s a huge accomplishment! It doesn’t matter if you met your date at a party, a park, or on some online dating site. You deserve a BIG round of applause for your efforts.

The fun and the excitment begin now. The dating process begins now!

Your first date is very important, but don’t sweat over it. The objective of the first date is to get to know each other better to assess whether you’d want to see each other again.

At the same time, you’d want to make it fun and pleasant for you and your partner.

Here are some guidelines to follow to give yourself a pleasant first date experience and most importantly, to make a good impression on your date:

1. Have a plan and do plan ahead

It’s a turn on for most women to see a man that takes charge and in control. So make sure you make the necessary reservation for dinner and know exactly the schedules for any events or movies that you plan to check out.

Give her some options among the few that you have in mind. She will appreciate you taking the time to make the plans.

At the same time, she will appreciate you taking into consideration her preferences. You’ll definitely gain lots of bonus points!

2. Try something new

Rather than the usual boring dinner and movie routine, be a little adventurous and take her to some place where you both can experience something fun and have a chance to interact and talk.

Some good places and activities include going to a horse race, an amusement park, a comedy show, a concert, a fair, or an art show. Sometimes, doing something different and original can help separate you from the rest of the pack. She’d be impressed with your creativity and would be more excited to go on a date with you rather than spending a couple of hours over the typical dinner and coffee with other boring guys.

3. Dress for the occasion and look good, smell good

The important thing is that you look neat, clean, presentable, and at the same time, look good. When you look good, you feel more confident about yourself. Remember that first impression is very important. And women do judge us for our looks and presentation at the first moments.

If you’re stuck for ideas, try a nice blazer with a collared shirt, a dark pair of jeans, and a nice pair of shoes. Also, you should take a shower prior to going out. Splash on a little bit of cologne to enhance your smell. Just don’t over do it or else you might suffocate her.

4. Be on time

Try to plan on arriving 15 minutes before your scheduled time, in case there’s traffic. And if you are late for some unforeseen reasons, do call immediately to let her know the situation. It’s never cool to make a lady wait!

5. Show good manners at all times

Good manners and etiquette are still sexy. Be respectful, civilized, attentive and give her your 100% attention. Don’t talk too much, talk too loud, or make noises while eating. In summary, try to be on your best behavior!

6. Have a pleasant and positive attitude

Do not whine or complain about anything on the first date, even if you have had a bad day or bad services at the restaurant. Smile often and be warm and cheerful. Your positive vibes will give make her feel relaxed and comfortable. As she gets more comfortable with you, she will likely open up more and feel closer toward you.

7. What to talk about

The first date is the opportunity for you to get to know your date and vice versa. So ask about her hobbies, her interests, her favorite food or restaurant, her goals, where she went for college, what’s her favorite things to do on a rainy day, where has she traveled to, etc.

Remember to focus the conversations on light and fun stuffs. This is not an interview, ok.

Don’t ask questions that are too personal or too serious. Don’t try to pry. Don’t talk about things that could bore her such as your works (Do you think she really cares about the latest java programming tools?). Also, avoid talking about sensitive topics such as religion, politics, past relationships, and any negative things.

Lastly, don’t reveal too much about yourself, especially things that are not flattering. You want to maintain a certain level of mystery, which makes you a lot more interesting.

8. Be honest, humble and be yourself

A confident man is assured of himself and he never has to pretend to be something else. Don’t lie about your status or  your accomplishments.

Additionally, a confident man doesn’t need to trumpet himself or put others down in order to make him look good.  Essentially, bragging is a turn off for lots of women!

What you should do instead is to just be honest and be your normal self. You’d want women to like you, accept you, and be with you for the great person that you are!

9. Generosity is a Big Turn On!

Generosity is such a big turn on. As a gentleman, you should offer to pay for the first date. Just make sure you pick the restaurant and activities based on your budget.

Being a cheapskate is a major turn off for women. What’s worse is that she will tell her friends about how cheap you are and soon, no women would want to date you. Also consider that she probably spent a good chunk of her own money on a new dress, a new hair cut, manicure, or whatever to look good for the date. So the least you could do as a gentleman is to pick up the tab..

Alright, above are some basic first date tips to follow. Just remember to not put too much pressure on yourself. Relax, have fun, and try to put your date at ease with your humor, your attentiveness, and your upbeat and positive attitude.

If the date goes well and there’s chemistry and sparks, you may even get a kiss!

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Susan September 15, 2012 at 1:45 am

I wish I could go back in time and gave this article to my boyfriend. It’s amazing how so many guys lack the basic dating skills and etiquette.

Anyhow, there are some basic, but great tips nevertheless. All guys could benefit by reading through this list of tips before going on your first date!

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