How to make a dynamite first impression

by Peter on February 14, 2010

how to make a dynamite first impressionFirst impression counts and it plants the image of you in a people’s mind after that. If you make a good 1st impression, people would always remember that moment and would want to stay in touch with you.

Most people usually take only a few seconds to evaluate you. People will form an opinion about you based on your appearance, your mannerisms, how you dress, and how you talk.

Like it or not, it is difficult to change someone’s first impression of you. Sometimes you only have one chance to impress a girl. If you fail, you may not have another chance. So seize each opportunity as if it’s the last and make it count!

With that said, you should make efforts to look your best and be your best everytime you go out. You never know who you’re gonna meet next.

Below are my top 5 guidelines to help you make a dynamite first impression:

1. Dress well and dress appropriate for the occasion

You can look at GQ magazine and other men’s magazines for ideas. Best of all, if you have a gal friend that has good fashion taste, take her to shopping with you and let her help you pick out some nice pants, shoes, shirts, for you. You don’t need to look like a GQ model, but you should look clean, neat, and presentable and appropriate for the occasion.

2. Show off your bright smile

Have you heard the maxim,  “smile and the world will smile back at you”? Well, it’s always true! A warm and genuine smile conveys your friendliness and warmth, while putting the other person at ease. Just be sure to smile relentlessly at everything. Almost, make sure your smile is genuine and gentle.

3. Be courteous and attentive

Do not try to dominate every conversations. Show interest in other person by asking questions and give her your %100 attention when she talks. Do not criticize, judge, or use vulgar.

4. Project Confidence, not arrogance

Your body language plays a powerful role when it comes to making the first impression.

Project confidence and calmness by sitting up straight, standing tall, making appropriate eye contact, talk calmly, and showing good manners. Most important of all, don’t brag or talk about yourself . A confident and self assured person does not need to announce to everyone about his accomplishments and status.

5. Master the art of small talk

Small talk or fun and light conversations about non serious topics like the weather, sports, current events, arts and entertainment, etc are a fun way to engage with the other person. You must be able to do small talk with people around you when you go to an event or a party. Don’t be a dud and sit in the corner by yourself. Go and mingle with people. Be friendly, smile, and participate in the conversations.

By mastering the art of small talk, you potray yourself as a cool, friendly, and sophisticated guy. Bonus points for you!

To help your conversation, you should make efforts each day to broaden your horizon and read about different subjects, either from books, online articles, or newspaper. Don’t spend all your time playing video games!

Anyways, if you follow the 5 guidelines above, you stand a great chance of making a dynamite first impression and will likely attract lots of pretty girls as well as great people into your life.

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