How to Approach and Pick Up Women like Professional Pickup Artists

by Peter on February 16, 2010

approaching womenApproaching women is definitely not a comfortable thing to do for most guys, especially shy geeks. Like most of you, I was very shy to approach or talk to girls, especially girls that I have an interest in. The fear of being rejected sometimes overwhelm me. I’m sure most of you could relate to that.

But if you become good at approaching women, it can be a thrilling and fun experience! To overcome your fear and shyness, you need to practice and know the right ways to approach women. Armed with the skills and confidence, approaching women will become easier and more fun each time you do it.

So what’s the right way to approach a girl? Here are some guidelines to follow to get started.

  • Get off the couch, turn off the TV/Wii game and go out there (bookstores, grocery stores, bars, clubs, parties, cooking classes, yoga, etc.) and start approaching women. The more you practice, the better you’ll get.
  • Dress to impress – You never know who you are going to meet the next time you go out. So always be prepared and look your best. Make sure your your hair is combed, your clothes are clean and neat, and your body smell fresh and clean.
  • Have a positive attitude – Showing a positive attitude is very important when approaching women. When you are happy and positive, you exude warmth and good vibrations. Attitude alone is already a big first step. Don’t worry or think about getting rejected.
  • Working the approach – Hold your head up, flash those smiles, and approach women with a confidence that is unknown to mankind. Confidence is sexy! You don’t have to resort to cheesey pick up lines. You just need to know what to say and try your best to make her feel at ease and comfortable. If you come across as aggressive and threatening or annoying, you will surely scare her away.
  • When you spot a prospect, approach her or get near her – Make eye contact, smile, and say hello and make some comments that is relevant to the situation or the surroundings. For example, if she is reading a book, make a comment about the book and follow up with a question about what’s she reading.
  • Make a comment about a nice shirt she is wearing or something unique about her…like her hair style. The key is to be able to break the ice. That’s the first and perhaps the most difficult hurdle to overcome. After that, it gets more fun.
  • After you manage to break the ice, ask her some questions and get to know her. Refrain from asking personal questions right away. You want to keep it light and fun at first. You can ask her how’s her day, what’s she doing here, where is she from, etc.
  • Keep the conversation going, make some jokes, and tease her a bit. Eventually, you want to find out about her interests/hobbies and identify some common interests with her. For example, if you like outdoor activities and she mentions that she likes hiking, invite her to join you and your friends for a hiking trip that you will organize. And then ask for her phone # or email so that you can keep in touch. Keep it friendly.

Keep in mind that approaching women is a numbers game. You will encounter girls that give you a cold shoulder and girls that are already taken/married. But you will also find some women that will be ready to mingle and flirt with you back. The more women you approach, the more chances you have of getting a date. And as the saying goes, practices make perfect. So the more you do it, the better you will get at it.

I hope the above guidelines can help you get better at approaching women. I know that approaching women doesn’t feel natural to some of you.

If you still find approaching women nerve wracking, then you might want to try online dating instead. Online dating is a great way to meet other single women in your local area that are also looking for dates.

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If you are still shy and need more training, you should check out the following books. These books feature proven and powerful methods to help you approach and meet girls anywhere, anytime. If you are a shy geek and are serious about improving your dating game and becoming a stud, read these books! Seriously.

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