How to Handle a Girl’s Rejection Without Losing Your Confidence and Swagger

by Peter on February 17, 2010

handling girl's rejectionWhen it comes to approaching women or asking a girl out, the fear of rejection often could overwhelm and paralyze some guys. Being rejected makes us feel worthless and unwanted. As a result of this fear, most guys end up not making any moves at all.

But if you don’t take any actions, how are you going to know the outcome? If you don’t take any actions, pretty soon, the girl that you like will end up in some other guy’s arms instead. And worst of all, that guy could be a jerk.

All Guys Haved Experienced Rejections

First, let me tell you that being rejected happens to everybody. Even the most good looking and successful guy get rejected. You see, you may not like every girls out there and not every girl you meet may like you.

Of course there are steps you can take to improve your chance of not getting turned down or getting rejected. You can try to dress better, improve your conversation skills, learn the secrets of approaching women, etc.

But like it or not, there will be times when you can expect some rejections. The right way to handle rejection is to not take it seriously and personally.

Have a Life of Your Own

First of all, you need to get a life first. Be happy with yourself and with the friends and family that you have. And if you are not happy with yourself, take the right steps to get there.

Once you are happy with yourself and confident in yourself, you don’t need other people’s approval of you to make you happy. There could be a lot of reasons why a girl may turn you down. She could be having a bad day, she could be involved with someone else already, she may be biased toward guys with dark hair, small eyes, or she just doesn’t know you enough yet.

Regardless, just don’t take it too seriously. Don’t get offended and start behaving like a child or losing control of yourself. If she’s not interested in dating you at first, maybe you can be her friend first. Overtime, as she gets to know you better, she may give you a chance.

And if a girl is gives a bitchy, snobbish attitude, just ignore her and move on to the next one. There are plenty of fish in the sea!

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