How to Mentally and Physically Prepare Yourself For Dating

by Peter on February 18, 2010

how to prepare for datingDating can be a fun and rewarding experience if you have the skills, the right approaches, and the right attitude. To have success at dating, you must prepare yourself mentally as well as physically and understand the dating landscape.

The Dating Landscape

Today’s dating world is a lot more complex than back in your parents’ days. Today’s women are more independent and liberal. They have good career, good education, and have the same earning powers as men. The relationship dynamics between men and women have clearly changed a lot over the years!

The Recipes for Dating Success

To have success with dating today, you must up your game and develop your dating skills. Women are a lot choosier and sophisticated now. You cannot go by the “cavemen” like approach like in the old days of your grandparents.

The environment has also changed a lot. There are a lot more avenues for meeting and hooking up with girls. Acceptable places to meet potential dates include bookstores, grocery stores, concerts, volunteer events, classes, clubs, bars, etc. And thanks to the Internet, meeting a potential date is only a few mouse clicks away.

Online dating has become quite popular, and much more accepted. These dating websites allow you to view prospects’ profiles with photos. You can send them a message or initiate a chat.

If you decide to try the online dating route, I would recommend you to join a membership site. Free sites usually have lots of spammers and people that are not serious about dating.

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Preparing Yourself Mentally

Just remember that dating should be a fun, rewarding experience regardless of the outcome. You can learn a lot about dating, relationship, and women with each person that you date. Remember to always keep a positive attitude, let your confidence and charm shine through, and be classy and gracious always.

If you have a positive attitude, smile often, you will surely attract positive energy and women will notice that!

Lastly, don’t have any expectations. The more expectations you set, the more you will become disappointed. Be open minded about the person you’re selecting to date. Don’t let race, education level, age, and other trivial factors get in the way.

Remember, dating should be a fun and pleasant experience. If it doesn’ work out, you can always become friends…and who knows…she may have friends that she can introduce you to.

Preparing Yourself Physically

Let’s face it – Look matters! In order to increase your chance of getting a date, you have to at least look presentable. This means grooming yourself with decent looking clothes and taking care of your hygiene. If you have female friends that know a thing or two about fashion or style, ask for their opinions. You can also check out our articles on proper grooming and hygiene and get some excellent tips from there.

You should also take care of your body and look healthy and fit. If you haven’t already joined a gym, it’s time for you to do so. Working out not only gives you a sexier body, but it has a host of other benefits.

Alright, now that you know what to expect in the dating world, it’s time for you to get your lazy butt off the chair and start preparing yourself for dating! Good luck and always remember to have fun!

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