Proper Dating Etiquette For Men

by Peter on February 15, 2010

dating etiquette for menNo matter how the dating dynamics have changed, most women still appreciate men that have good manners and etiquettes. Having good manners and etiquette is what separate the gentlemen women admire vs. from the ordinary guys.

I am surprised that majority of the men out there still lack the basic manners and etiquettes in social settings. No wonder they never get anydates!

Sometimes, you can leave a strong impression on people just by the way you carry yourself and how you treat other people. If you carry yourself well, soon, everyone you know will want to hook you up with their cute looking friends or sassy coworkers. Trust me on this!

Proper Dating Etiquette Tips

The following is a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to proper dating etiquettes. Practice these every time you go out or everytime you are in the company of others. Eventually, it becomes a habit and it will come naturally for you.

  • Never show up late to a date – Being late is rude and disrespectful of the other person’s time. It is a major turn-off for girls. However, if there’s a valid reason such as traffic or accident, call your date immediately to inform her.
  • Don’t talk about your ex girlfriends – No matter how you feel about your exes, don’t talk about past relationships. Most people don’t care to know. Do offer to pay for the meal, movie, event, etc. If you are the one asking the other person out, it is only approriate for you to offer to pay. So pick a place that is appropriate for your budget.
  • Dress well and smell good – You don’t want to embarass your date by looking sloppy and smelling bad. Make sure you make efforts to comb your hair, dress to look good, and smell fresh and clean.
  • Do not use vulgar or profanity – Keep all the vulgar and profanity out of your vocabulary. It’s a major turn off for most women.
  • Give 100% attention to your date – Don’t even dare think about checking out the waitress or the girl sitting on the next table. By giving 100% attention to your date, you make her feel special and important. Also, be sure to turn off your cell phone. It’s quite annoying to have a fine dinner and conversation interrupted by the beeping sounds of the cell phone. Even if your best buddy is calling you to give you an update on fantasy football, never ever pick up the phone and start chatting away with your buddy.
  • Do not talk about politics, religion, or anything controversial – These are sensitive topics and could ruin a nice date. You want to be laughing and having a good time during your dates, not arguing and debating over issues you feel strongly about. Safe that for later.
  • Do not brag or lie – Sexy confidence is shown when you are assured of yourself and comfortable in your own skin. A confident person doesn’t need to lie or brag about his accomplishments, how much money he makes, etc. Modesty, honesty, and kindness are quite sexy.
  • Have good table manners – This means avoid talking with your mouth full, making noises when you chew, and making a mess. Also, remember to sit up straight and make eye contact with your date throughout the conversation.
  • Be a gentleman always – That means opening the doors for her, pull the chair for her, making sure she safely gets into her house first before you drive away, making sure she feels comfortable always.
  • Offer to Pay – As a gentleman, you should offer to pay for the dates. Don’t come across as a cheap, calculating person. That’s a very bad reputation to have for a guy. Once the words get around, you may not be able to get another date with any girl. Note that the girl probably spends a good chunk of money on makeups, hair, shoes, clothes to go out with you so the least you can do is treat her.You don’t necessarily have to treat her all the time. A considerate girl would know how to reciprocate in other ways.
  • Do not say negative things about anyone or anything – People are naturally drawn to positive people. When you begin to send out negative vibes with your negative attitude and thoughts, you send out bad energy and it would scare people away.

Above are a few tips you can start applying and practicing right away each time you go out on a date. By distinguishing yourself as a classy gentleman who knows his manners and etiquette, every women would want to be in your company!

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Joe December 18, 2012 at 7:11 am

Great points! I think etiquette and manners are so important and women do notice these things!

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