proper grooming and hygiene tips for men

by Peter on February 14, 2010

Properly grooming yourself and good hygiene are the keys to making a strong first impression each time you meet a girl. Most women will form an impression of you based on the 1st few seconds of interaction with you. You can either leave them interested or turned-off based on your presentation and smell.

Proper grooming and good hygiene is even more important on the 1st date. If you come to the date looking good and smelling good, it sets a good mood for the date and prime you for a fun and pleasant dating experience.
She will also appreciate your efforts and it makes her feel special. Here the basics to pay attention to when it comes to proper grooming and good hygiene:

  • Dress appropriately for the occasion – It is better to err on the side of overdress than to underdress.  And most importantly, make you feel  comfortable wearing what you put on.
  • Be clean and neat –  Clean and neat makes you appear sophisticated and classy.
  • Buy clothes that fit your body type – Clothes that fit your body type makes you look polished and stylish. Don’t wear tight shirts or loose, baggy clothes. It makes you look sloppy and high schoolish.
  • Match your colors and style – This can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be exact. Just look at how the colors match together and how different pieces of clothing fit together. Just observe yourself in the mirror and make sure it all looks good together as a package.
  • Express yourself – You express yourself through fashion. So try to add a personal touch to your style and add accessories that radiates your personality. You can be creative as long as you look neat and clean.
  • Get a stylish haircut – A stylish haircut is can do wonders to your looks.  Get a nice haircut at a high end salon and not at a barber. Don’t cut your hair too short. Short hair makes you look like a marine.
  • Make sure your nails and trimmed and cleaned and your hands are moisturized – Trust me on this. Women now pay attention to these little things. If your hand and nails are clean and soft, it makes them to want to hold your hands more.
  • Eliminate the body odor  and bad breath– There’s nothing that’s more turn-off than smelling bad. If you smell bad, girls will run away from you faster than a speed train. So make sure you bath, shampoo, and brush your teeth before you go out.
    Also, a light touch of cologne is highly recommended. Women are very sensitive to smell. If you smell good, it will make her want to rip your clothes off. Good places to apply cologne is in the neck, chest, and your hair. Just remember to apply lightly. Too much can overwhelm her.
  • Make sure your teeth is clean and bright – Women are attracted to bright smiles and clean, white teeth. Make sure you floss your teeth often. If it’s crooked, get it fixed. If it’s stained and yellowish, get it whitened!

Above are the basics grooming and hygiene care you must maintain all the time. By doing the basics, you already enhance your attractiveness factor by 10 already!

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