Signs that a Girl Really Likes You and How You Should Respond

by Peter on January 26, 2012

Signs a girl like youOne of the biggest problems most guys struggle with is how to tell whether a girl is interested in them or not. Experienced daters usually have no problems picking up the signals and deciphering the subtle body languages.

But for inexperienced guys, it seems like trying to solve a complex puzzle. Furthermore, the consequence could be nasty if you don’t know how to take appropriate actions.

If you are too slow, you might lose your chance of scoring a date with the girl. If you react to impulsively, you might embarass yourself.

Well, not to worry. I will share with you some secrets to help you become better at deciphering women’s signals. And no, you don’t have to develop super psychic powers!

You’d just have to start paying more attention to her body languages and other subtle signals.

Let’s get started!

Sign # 1 – She gives you more attention

We, men and women included, usually pay more attention to people that we like. So the next time you are around her, notice if she gives you more attention than others. Does she goes out of her way to talk to you and engage with you, more so than others? Does she try to get close to you? Do you notice her eyes stalking you? These are all positive signs indicating that she may have a hot for you.

Sign #2 – She gets personal

Does she develop a curiosity about you all of a sudden? Does she ask you if you’re dating anybody? Does she ask you what you like to do in your spare time, what you usally do on weekends, how many siblings you have, etc. If she starts asking you all those questions, it’s a sure bet that she’s definitely interested in you and want to get to know you better.

Sign #3 – She praises you and compliments you

Praising and complimenting are ways of flirting. Men do it. Women do it too! So if a girl compliments your shirt, hair, muscles, or whatever nice things that come out of her lips, she’s clearly showing an interest in you.

Sign #4 – She shows you these positive body language moves

body language flirting

By observing her body language, you could pick up a lot of signals that reveal her interest in you. These non-verbal flirting moves are just natural human reactions when we show an interest toward someone.

Here are some body language signals to observe:

  • She twirls or tosses her hair when you’re looking at her.
  • Her eyes linger at you longer than normal when she talks to you.
  • She flashes her pearly smiles and her whole face lit up in your presence.
  • She leans in toward you and try to get closer to you during conversations.

If you start to see the combination of the above moves and reactions from her, it’s a certainty that she has a hot for you.

Signal #5 -She invites you to events and outings

This is by far the easiest giveaway that she’s really interested in you. Most girls who not want to be at events or some gatherings in the public with a guy unless she’s really into the guy. So if she asks you to go with her to a concert, play, party, or wedding, that’s a sure sign that she wants to be your girlfriend!

Signal #6 – She laughs at your lame jokes

laught at jokes she likes you

If a girl doesn’t like you, anything and everything you do can come across as annoying or boring. But when a girl is interested in you, every lame jokes you crack can elicit a giggle or a barrage of laughters from her. Just don’t over do it though!

Signal #7 –  She calls or texts you often

Women like to talk on the phone and send text messages, especially if they’re bored or have a lot of free time.  They usually call their best friends or a guy that they’re interested in. So if she starts sending you text messages throughout the day or call you during her break, she clearly has you on her mind the whole day.

What should you do when you see these signs?

There are probably a lot of other signs that tell you whether a girl is interested in you, but the above 7 are my favorites. The key is for you to start observing her behaviors and body language more closely when she’s around you.

When you have some indications that she’s interested, you should make your moves sooner than later. Ask her out. Take her to dinner. Take her to a concert. Try to hold her hands and see how she responds.

Just don’t wait too long to make your moves. If she senses that you’re not aggressive, that could be a turn-off for her and she would move on to the next guy.

Women like men that are confident and take actions. So don’t be a wuzz, ok.

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