Where Can Single Guys Go to Meet Single Girls?

by Peter on February 14, 2010

places to meet single girlsOne of the most common problems most guys have is meeting girls. What’s funny is that the guys that complain about not being able to meet girls are also the same guys that are sitting at home, and surfing the web or playing Wii games all day.

If you don’t make an effort to go out and meet girls, how are you going to get dates? Opportunities to meet girls are everywhere.

You just need to get off your butt and go out there. Here are some of the most popular places and venues to meet your future dates:

  • Bookstores – Bookstores are a safe and good place to meet nice girls. Nowadays, most bookstores have a cafe so you can grab a cup of coffee, read a book, and chat with you with girl sitting next to you. Most girls at the bookstores are quite friendly. Just smile at them, act civil and friendly, and ask a question or make a comment related to the book or magazine she is reading. This works all the time.
  • Gourmet Coffee Shops – These places are usually packed with girls during lunch and after work. If you spot a cute girl, just politely ask her if you can share the table with her. Again, apply the usual approach technique by making a comment or asking her a question.

  • Restaurants with bars & lounges -These venues are frequently visited by professional women. They usually go there after work to unwind and to mingle.You should not go to these places alone, but rather, you should go with a wing man. Just dress up, look sharp, and ready to mingle.

  • Yoga & Ballroom Dance Classes – Women love dancing and yoga. These classes always have much higher ratio of women to men. You’ll have lots of partners to choose from.

  • Night Clubs -Nightclubs are known for being a pick up place. The best time to approach them are past midnight, after they have had a few drinks.Just be friendly and smile and just ask them if you can dance with them. To seal the deal, offer to buy them a drink.

  • Online Dating Sites – Online dating sites offer an attractive option for meeting girls that are outside of our circles and localities. Thanks to the Internet, you now can check out and chat with girls anywhere. You no longer have to depend on your friends or coworkers to set you up with girls. With just a few mouse clicks, you can check out their photos, their background, their physical stats, profession, religion, etc before you initiate the contact.Although the Internet is full of online dating sites, there are only a few popular ones that are worth giving a try. Check out my review of the best online dating sites for more info.

I hope the above list gives you some places to start visiting. Now you have no more excuses but to go out and get dates. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Have fun with it. It’s a number’s game. You may strike out a lot of times, but you may also get lucky a few times.

Just remember to always look sharp and be ready to mingle. Remember first impression is important so you want to look yourself and be at your best when approaching a girl.

To increase your chance, perhaps you should consider borrowing your friend’s or neighbor’s dog or wear something unique or unsual (but doesn’t make you appear weird or creepy). Girls like pets and like to check out neat fashion items.

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